Big Bubbles 1.03

Big Bubbles is now available on Kongregate!

  • Added: Background will darken on large scales
  • Added: Automatically zoom out when starting game
  • Added: Sound effect when leveling up
  • Added: Level number will pulse when leveling up
  • Added: Statistics will be shown while paused
  • Added: Press C to randomize color
  • Added: Better formatting for very big numbers

  • Tweaked: Automatically zoom in and out when the player size changes
  • Tweaked: Increased player movement speed
  • Tweaked: Changed "Bubbles eaten" to "Bubbles absorbed"
  • Tweaked: Leveling algorithm
  • Tweaked: Maximum and minimum zoom
  • Tweaked: Added a subtle glow to the loading spinner

  • Optimized: Bubbles outside of the viewport will not be drawn

  • Fixed: Pause text not being the same as the player color
  • Fixed: Game breaking when reaching levels higher than 1000
  • Fixed: Big level numbers being too big to fit on bubbles
  • Fixed: Being able to move before the game started
  • Fixed: Level-up target being slightly wrong
  • Fixed: Bubble levels having the wrong font while the correct font was loading
  • Fixed: Initial zoom sometimes being incorrect
  • Fixed: Rounding errors
  • Fixed: A tiny black border at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed: Prevent cheating by having two instances of the game open
  • Fixed: Audio sounding weird in Firefox while absorbing bubbles
  • Fixed: Game not handling displays with different refresh rates correctly
  • Fixed: Game not handling displays with different pixel ratios correctly