Snakes without Brakes

A snake puzzle game developed for the 2020 LOWREZJAM.

Snakes without Brakes screenshot

Krossa 1.02.5

Planets by Earth 1.00.1

Big Bubbles 1.04.1

Big Bubbles 1.04

Big Bubbles 1.04 screenshot

Planets by Earth [VR]

What if the Moon was replaced by planets in the Solar System?

Planets by Earth is a short VR experience built with A-Frame showing what the night sky would look like if we replaced the Moon with planets in the Solar System.

The experience is built to be viewed in VR but can also be viewed without a VR-headset.

Planets by Earth screenshot

DustSim 1.01

DustSim 1.01 screenshot

Krossa 1.02.4

Krossa 1.02.3

Krossa 1.02.2

Krossa 1.02.1

Game of Life 3D

A variation of Conway's Game of Life in 3D, using GPU processing for realtime simulation.

Game of Life 3D screenshot

Shielder 1.05

Shielder 1.04

Shielder 1.03

Shielder 1.02


Simulate millions of independent particles in realtime with this physics sandbox.

DustSim screenshot

Shielder 1.01

Krossa 1.02


Defeat enemies in a laser bullet-hell using nothing but a reflective shield.

Shielder screenshot

Big Bubbles 1.03

Big Bubbles is now available on Kongregate!

Big Bubbles 1.02

Storage Simulator 1.03

Krossa 1.01

SimCity4 Terrain Generator

A tool for generating random SimCity4 regions.

SimCity4 Terrain Generator screenshot

Glowets 1.02

Krossa [VR]

Smash and shatter glass objects in virtual reality.

Requires a WebVR compatible browser and a VR-headset with controllers.

Krossa screenshotKrossa screenshot

Zpaco update 1.01

Storage Simulator update 1.02


Explore huge procedurally generated galaxies.

Zpaco screenshot Zpaco screenshot

Big Bubbles 1.01

Big Bubbles

Absorb smaller bubbles to grow from infinitely small to infinitely large.

Big Bubbles screenshot

Storage Simulator update 1.01

Glowets update 1.01