Shielder 1.04

  • Added: Boss for the red section
  • Added: Boss for the green section
  • Added: Boss for the blue section
  • Added: Muzzle flashes for enemies
  • Added: New shooting sound for green drones
  • Added: New shooting sound for blue drone
  • Added: After battle enemy lights will be disabled

  • Tweaked: Better looking explosions
  • Tweaked: Bigger blue projectiles since they do more damage
  • Tweaked: Blue projectiles are now slower
  • Tweaked: Score notifications now look better when semi-transparent
  • Tweaked: Map selection back button now has an icon

  • Fixed: Colors would sometimes flash when changing color theme
  • Fixed: Shooting is now more consistent with low framerates
  • Fixed: The center of rotation of drones were wrong
  • Fixed: Slow motion post-processing effect was still present after quitting

  • Optimized: Post-processing effects
  • Optimized: Score notifications