DustSim 1.01

DustSim 1.01 screenshot
  • Added: Particle colors
    • Color depending on velocity
    • Custom particle colors
    • Color picker
  • Added: New scenarios
    • Encounter 2
    • Grid
    • Moon
    • Symmetry 2
    • Two moons
    • Two negative moons
  • Added: Move view with left mouse button when no is tool selected
  • Added: Encounter as default scenario
  • Added: Scenario selection hover effect
  • Added: Navigate with 1,2,3,4 as keyboard shortcuts

  • Tweaked: Updated all scenario images to use the new colors
  • Tweaked: Moved speed slider from view to simulation settings
  • Tweaked: Updated Three.js to r114
  • Tweaked: Negative and positive attract each other rather than repell
  • Tweaked: Black scenario images rather than transparent while loading

  • Fixed: DustSim asking for permission to access VR in Firefox even though it is not a VR application