Big Bubbles 1.04

Big Bubbles 1.04 screenshot
  • Added: Music
  • Added: Mouse controls
  • Added: Touch controls
  • Added: Gamepad controls

  • Tweaked: Checkpoints every 5 levels from which you will restart if you lose
  • Tweaked: More responsive player movement

  • Optimized: Better culling of bubbles
  • Optimized: Hide bubble level numbers if they are too small on the screen
  • Optimized: Cache and reuse color gradients for bubbles

  • Fixed: Workaround for a Chromium bug causing the game to use CPU Compositing and running super slowly
  • Fixed: The player could sometimes move before the game had started
  • Fixed: Game title would sometimes be too wide on small screens
  • Fixed: Disabled page zooming on mobile
  • Fixed: Zooming out in the beginning on small screens