Shielder 1.02

  • Added: Levels and XP
  • Added: Saving and save slots
  • Added: Sector 7
  • Added: Press the space bar or R to retry
  • Added: Press any gamepad button to retry

  • Tweaked: Redesigned main menu to use icons for buttons
  • Tweaked: Redesigned death screen UI to also use icon buttons
  • Tweaked: Score multiplier is no longer reset when hit
  • Tweaked: Increased score needed to increase multiplier to compensate for it no longer being reset after a hit
  • Tweaked: Increased the brightness of the slow motion filter
  • Tweaked: Increased the framerate of laser hit effects
  • Tweaked: Slightly bigger hit effects
  • Tweaked: Coop button moved from main menu to map selection
  • Tweaked: Scores will now have thousand separators
  • Tweaked: Arrow icons now have a subtle shadow

  • Optimized: Shadow are no longer generated for chunks outside of the viewport

  • Fixed: Minimized flashing of unstyled text